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"I'm Valnei, 40 years old, based in London. I'm a model, actor and film graduated. I’ve acquired deep knowledge of character, narrative and excellent understanding of shooting, editing and storytelling. I have the ability to embody a wide range of looks and styles, from glamorous and fun to edgy and avant-garde."

Modelling/acting jobs 2023  - Mafalda Handmade Shoes (lead), advertising - London, UK

                                                     - Stock Photos & Images - iStock, Businessman (lead), advertising - London, UK

                                                     - Theatre Exchange - (lead) - London, UK

                                                     - Open Rights Group  (supporting lead), advertising - London, UK

                                                     - Tommy Thorp Influencer (lead), advertising- London, UK

                                                     - Sarah Silva Clinic - Beauty Video advertising - London, UK

                                                      - Just wears - (lead) t-shirt and pants advertising - London, UK

                                                       -GP - Headlamp for Runners -(lead), advertising, (lead) - London, UK 

  (Portfolio updated 2023) 

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